412(e)(3) “Fully Insured” Defined Benefit Plan

Explore Security Mutual Life products, support and expertise. We offer the tools that will help you succeed with 412(e)(3) “Fully Insured” Defined Benefit Plans!

A Look at the Numbers!

Maximum Defined Contribution Plan* at Age 50 and Above

412(e)(3) Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plan Contributions at Age 55

412(e)(3) Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plan Contributions at Age 60

*With the 401(k) catch-up provision for individuals over age 50 in 2019

Contributions are estimates based on Security Mutual life and annuity products, guarantees may vary by jurisdiction.

Benefits of working with Security Mutual Life

"Fully Insured" Plan Products

Security Mutual offers a unisex traditional whole life product that was designed specifically for use in qualified plans and is well-suited to the 412(e)(3) plan. We also offer a Flexible Premium Annuity (FPA) product that can be appended to our unisex whole life contract. The FPA can provide for the guaranteed cash accumulation of retirement assets and also offer guaranteed retirement income if desired.

412(e)(3) Plan Proposals

Security Mutual’s retirement plan proposal does much more than simply describe plan costs, benefits and features. It includes easy-to-read narratives that allow the advisor to educate the employer/sponsor on the advantages of the tax-qualified retirement plan being presented. The proposal includes a detailed section that presents the tax and cash flow advantages of including life insurance inside the plan. It also includes an explanation and projection of available exit strategies. And it allows advisors some opportunities to brand their plan proposals.

"Fully Insured" Marketing Support

Financial advisors who do business with Security Mutual have access to comprehensive marketing support. This support includes: concept videos that the advisor can place on his or her website and attach to emails; full service administrative support by Security Administrators, Inc., and phone and online access to retirement plan professionals.

In my opinion, Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York (SML) has the best program for clients who need qualified plans. For nearly 30 years, SML has helped my agents initiate, develop, implement, and manage our clients’ qualified plans. In fact, their experienced professionals are always available to help address your clients’ needs. If needed, they will also assist you at your clients’ point of sale. THEY DO IT ALL!!!

Additionally, SML’s plan document allows for life insurance within the plan. Such policies are usually for face amounts between $1 million and $5 million. My agency has grown to a “Top Flight” status with SML because of this outstanding program. I wholeheartedly recommend SML for your clients’ qualified plans and for all your life insurance needs.

Dr. James Collins

President, Collins Wealth Management

From Start to Finish, We're Here Every Step of the Way

From the initial plan design, to consulting services, as well as technical and practical support, Security Mutual Life is here to help you and your clients design the right 412(e)(3) plan for their needs. Security Administrators, Inc. (SAI), our wholly owned subsidiary, will even perform the administrative work on a fee-for-service basis. SAI has many years of experience working with tax-qualified plans of all types, from the simple to very complex plans. SAI is a fee-for-service firm. It is not an investment advisory firm, nor does it have securities credentials of any type. SAI’s only business is plan design installation and administration. There is no sharing of commissions.

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